50 Simple Wall Art Tips – Ideas, Illustrations and Videos

I have come up with a great idea to revamp the decoration of my home using simple yet attractive wall art items. There are various types of wall art that can be used for enhancing the attractiveness of your entire house, right from the drawing room to your bedroom. In this article, I will share some of the ways in which you would be able to re-design your dream house by using varieties of wall arts.

1. Embossed Plaques  - Washed lightly with brown stain, embossed metal helps in capturing an antiquity look. These four pieces of wall art will add glamour quotient to your drawing room.

Embossed Wall Art Plaques

Photo via SeventhAvenue

2. Color of winter - This wall art will be quite handy for your bedroom. The Calm and solemn dusky appearance will add a glamour-quotient to your bedroom.

Check out the image on WayFair

3. Early winter  - Custom glass-coated image of early winter will also make attractive wall art decors for your room. It will even have a touch of the chill of the winter season.


Early winter wall art Photo via Home Decorators

4. Redwood poster – I will also suggest image posters of Redwood as a good wall art idea that will increase the beauty of the house.

Redwood posterPhoto via Great Big Canvas

5. Scroll of oriental wall art – A scroll of oriental wall art with a beautiful scenery, will also serve as a better idea to decorate rooms, this winter season.

Scroll of oriental wall artPhoto via NewEgg

6. Metal fish - These metal fish wall art will be able to recreate the underwater scenario in the rooms. I can assure that this type of wall art materials will certainly draw the attention of the visitors.

Checkout the image in Alibaba.com

7. Seahorse  - If anyone is a fantasy freak like me, I will urge him or her to go with a seahorse wall art material for his or her drawing room. The uniqueness of the legendary animal and the flamboyant mesmerizing color will definitely add to the mood of the room.

Seahorse wall artPhoto via BeachCreations

8. Candle stand decor – This wall art decor item with the feeling of a branch of a tree, with innumerable designer candle stands has been perfect for my bedroom. This elegant item is surely to add beauty to the overall decor of the house.

Candle stand wall art decorPhoto via OriginCrafts

9. Candle holder – Anyone can even go for designer metal wall art candle holder. The metallic circular designs with leaf-like structures add the needed attractiveness to the rooms.

Wall art candle holderPhoto via Amazon

10. Canvas decal with light - A grand piece of wall decorative item easy to be made in home. A large canvas, spray printed and made attractive by using various stickers and wall decals. The effect of the light from behind makes a huge difference to the grandeur of the room.

Canvas decal with light wall artPhoto via Pinterest

Other than the above mentioned tips for having beautiful wall art designs, various picture-like appearances, abstract paintings and even glorious photo-frames add grandeur to the walls of houses, both interior as well as exterior.

11. Snowflake - Design certain circle tracers and cutouts. Carve out a cardboard piece and wrap it with colorful marble paper. Paste the designed cutouts on it, along with several other designing beads. Attach a rope for hanging the material on the walls. Your decorative wall art is ready.

Snowflake wall artPhoto via Cafepress

12. Snowmen fence – You can use the sticks of ice cream to create fence wall art for decorating your kid’s room. Use cotton, pom-poms and buttons to make the face of snowmen.

Snowmen fencePhoto via Kaboose

13. Tea stains - Stain a piece of cloth with tea and make some decorative drawings over it. Frame it and hang from the wall.

Tea stains wall artPhoto via Sfgate

14. Recycled - Used stuffs like toilet papers, marble papers, paper towel rolls and spray paint to create an attractive wall decor.

Recycled wall artPhoto via Recreatedesigncompany

15. Easy fabric wall art – Attractive wall art pieces made from fabric painting has enhanced the beauty of your room.

Easy fabric wall artPhoto via Indulgy

16. Wall art illuminated branch – Framed branches with LED lights will certainly add sparks to the home atmosphere.

Wall art illuminated branchPhoto via Homemadesimple

17. Window fill wall art – Wall art of window fill adds an attractive quotient to the windowpanes of the house.

Window fill wall artPhoto via Homemadesimple

18. Kirigami motif wall art – Kirigami as wall art decor items, fold any paper and make small cuts over it. Unfold the paper to get various attractive designs. Frame it and hang over the walls.

Kirigami motif wall artPhoto via Homemadesimple

19. Four pieces floral wall art – Wall decor of abstract floral print enhanced the beauty of the drawing space.

Four pieces floral wall artPhoto via Sears

20. Vaulted Beam-Artificial Wall – This vaulted Beam-Artificial Wall structure will definitely add grandeur to the appearance of room.

21. Fish Scale wall art decor – Another innovative idea to enhance the beauty of the room. Wall art decor item, giving an illusion of colored scales of fish will definitely increase beauty of any room.

Fish Scale wall art decorPhoto via Pinterest

22. Artwork of linen and paper – Paper works on linen has brought about exclusive and attractive decorative value oriented wall art pieces.

Artwork of linen and paperPhoto via Pinterest

23. Chalking out wooden framed box-like designs, by using planks of wood on the walls, even crafted out decorative wall art items.

Wood wall art for blank walls

Photo via Pinterest

24. Wire embroidery – A deviation from traditional decorative methods, you can use wire to create embroidery on a piece of colorful cloth and framed it.

Wire embroidery

Photo via Pinterest

25. Black Paint wall art – Idea of abstract black painting and will ad grandeur to the rooms, enhancing its glamour.

Black Paint wall artPhoto via Picasa

26. 3D wall art panel – Innovative 3D wall art panels will even work out effectively to enhance beauty, especially walls adjacent to the staircases.

3D wall art panel Photo via Picasa

27. Photos on scrapbook paper – You can create a decorative item by cutting out your favorite picture and pasting it on a scrap paper.

Photos on scrapbook paperPhoto via Pinterest

28. Canvas frame wall art decor – You can capture the happiest moments with your child and frame them gorgeously.

Canvas frame wall art decorPhoto via Pinterest

29. Cupcake wrappers wall art – Different sizes of wrappers of cup cakes can be used to make attractive decoration of walls.

Cupcake wrappers wall artPhoto via Pinterest

30. Innovative curved frames wall decor – You can hang curved frames at the corner of the walls, to bring innovation within the decorative nature.

Innovative curved frames wall decorPhoto via Picasa

31.‘Dance in Shadows’ – You can try to innovate with the wall decorative concept by introducing shadow images on the boundary walls.

32. Traffic-Transport wall art for garage walls – I tried to innovate wall decoration of my garage by painting it in an innovative theme depicting traffic situation on my mind. The animated-type picture depicting condition of traffic is relevant for my garage doors and walls.

33. Rough exterior wall art – This has turned out to be the best for me. The appearance of roughness has coped unanimously with the exterior wall of my house. It has best suited with the boundary wall.

34. Garden boundary wall sculpture art – Perhaps an attractive feature that I have introduced to the boundary of my garden, with sculptured decoration on the wall and innovative stony appearance.

35. Wall groupings – A collage-like decoration, depicting some happy moments of my life. These wall decors turn to be the best for drawing or bedroom walls.

36.  - Initial letters of your name as wall decor, painted and sprayed with colors, have aroused the attention of many visitors of my home.

Initial letters of your name as wall decorPhoto via Pinterest

37. Mirror magic – Variety of mirrors gorgeously framed adores the walls of the resting room of your house; a few grounded glassed ones raising the attention of everybody.

Mirror magicPhoto via Pinterest

38. Wall art mirrors – Mirrors as wall arts adore the walls beside the staircase of your house. The reflection of the opposite positions of the house makes the view even more beautiful.

Wall art mirrorsPhoto via Pinterest

39. Abstract wall art – Wall art formed by abstract color combination just at the way to the storeroom of my house has added a thrilling point to the region. Many visitors have appreciated the idea.

Abstract wall artPhoto via Picasa

40. Winter tree wall art decals – Stylish wall art decals of winter tree will certainly boost the glamour of your house. The branches of the winter trees will surely give a distinct look to the rooms.

Winter tree wall art decals

Photo via Decoist

In the following section I will provide few innovative wall art ideas regarding enhancing the beauty of your house and even giving certain directives in visual means, through the links.

41. Sectional wall art decor – There are many sectional wall paintings on the walls of my room, depicting nature in its various abstract forms.

42. Blossom wall art sticker – Get a large sticker paper with various attractive designs, from the market and carved out several shapes from it. The attractive flower stickers now adore the walls of my dinning room.

43. Leafy tree wall art – Sticker projecting a tall tree with innumerable colorful leaves add glamour to the dining room of my house.

44. Mural wall art decor – Installation of attractive murals on a part of the walls of my drawing room has enhanced the overall attractiveness of my room.

45. Ceramic sculpture as wall art – You can even decorate outside walls your house with ceramic sculpture, with human figures and faces.

46. Adventure time wall art – My little kid’s room is decorated with such wall arts and that is even appreciated by him. They depict abstract faced of animals like dogs, cats etc.

47. Paper roll wall art – I had once used various colored papers for making attractive shapes and designs of flowers as wall art. They depicted an abstract form, though, yet became a hit among my neighbors.

48. Wall art using toilet paper – Various kind of attractive watt art decors adore the walls of my washroom, with silhouette-like appearance adding glamour to my room.

49. Collage wall art – These wall art decor items made from recycled papers and colored marble papers work wonders to increase attraction of my entire house. Innumerable shapes and abstract artistic designs adore the walls of my home.

50. 3D wall panels – 3D wall panels through the corridors of my house adds extra glamour to the appearance of the otherwise mundane corridors.


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