Best 10 Wall Art Ideas for 2013

Wall art ideas and decoration is playing wonders in the genre of interior decoration for homes and even offices. Here you will find top 10 wall art trends 2013 that would certainly bring glamour to your house and even add a touch of elegance and beauty to your rooms.

Best wall art ideas for this year

Introduce a mix of modern decorative style and elegance to your rooms through innovative wall art trends 2013 and make them more attractive.

1. Pins and jewelry wall art

Pins and jewelry wall artImage Source:

Use your variety of jewelry as wall art decor to enhance the beauty of your room. Innovative decoration with such stuffs would surely turn your drawing room into the most beautiful room of your house.

2.  Art boxes

Cool art boxes of various colors would definitely add elegance to your drawing room. You can also use this art-style for your bedroom. This may even act as a great replacement for granite wall tiles with a creative touch.


3. Dressy wall decor

Dressy wall decorImage Source :

This would perhaps be one of the innovative wall decals of wall art 2013. Made of metal and hand painted, this art gives the impression of hanging dress materials or gowns. Perhaps the decor item would suit the room where you would place your wardrobe.

4. Hanging mirror wall art

An innovative idea in this genre would be hanging a full length quality mirror. The design of the mirror might depend on your choice. It would also reflect the impression of the wall on its opposite direction and would depict your creative sense in interior decoration.

5.  Wall art wall paper

Wall art wall paperImage Source :

Wall papers artistic flavor is certainly returning back. Use one with dark and light shades on the walls of your dinning room or kitchen. You can also replace them with ease.

6.  Family picture wall art decor

Family picture wall art decorImage Source :

An innovative picture type of your kids through their growing age would also be turned into an attractive decorative item. Apart from being innovative, it would also usher the love and bond of your family throughout the air of your house.

7.  Wooden branch wall art

Wooden branch wall artImage Source :

A designer wall art 2013 winter wooden branch effect on the walls would definitely attract the attention of your neighbors. An additional decorative lighting over it would turn the trick, even further. Use this as wall art 2013 Christmas theme.

8.  Window picture frame wall art

Window picture frame wall artImage Source :

Turn your windowpane into a picture collage frame. These innovative wall art trends 2013 would definitely take the breath of your visitors away through its extraordinary effect.

9.  Fabric and starch wall art idea

Fabric and starch wall art ideaImage Source :

This wall art idea would expose your dynamic enthusiasm to renovate the appearance of your rooms. Dip a fabric cloth in starch and dry it to give a crispy feeling. Add scribbles on the cloth and hang it from the wall of your bedroom.

10. Wooden wall art decor 

Wooden wall art decorImage Source :

You can also innovate with wooden decorations wall art style. Hang some wooden sticks in the shape of long pencils from the walls of your drawing room to give it a distinctive feature.

Exclusive wall art decor ideas would help you turn your home into a fashion statement and improve your sense of styling and decoration according to changing needs. Add a personal touch to your home through innovative wall decorative ideas with modern and classic artistic sense.


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