Influence of Social Media upon the Style and Preference of Home Decor

Social media is having a great impact upon the daily events happening in everyone’s life. People are starting to depend upon the networking sites to gather knowledge and share their ideas regarding the style in which they would like to decorate their rooms.

A recent study has indicated that there were nearly 5 million of visitors to these social networking sites, in 2011. But, presently, there has been an increase of about 3981.71 percent of visitors to the websites where they are able to get extensive outside knowledge about decorating their rooms in the modern and luxurious style. Pininterest records that there are almost 20 million unique visitors checking the websites every month.


Influence of Social Media upon the Style and Preference of Home DecorThere has been a gradual increase in the referral of sites and industries followed via, the social media sites. Even there has been a considerable growth of visitors in the sites of home decor (11%), apparel for women (7.7%), Art (10.7%) and photography (5.8%). Checking of other sites has also recorded a huge turn out with the beauty and cosmetic department (161,536), homes and gardens decoration (97,778)

The stunning revelation of the study shows that the social media site of Pininterest, providing various merchandize of decorative pieces (either apparels or home decor) has registered a huge turnout during 2011, which rather exceeds that of the combined visitors of the Facebook and the Twitter.

Houzz has estimated to attract about 1.2 million visitors a month. The members are offered a discount of about 50% on furniture available from the site.

On the other hand, the Home Decor page on Facebook is offering a chance to the visitors to make their virtual rooms and home (in order to get a view of their dream house), by using various virtual tools. Over 201 millionU.S.visitors are reported to access the service, every month. The site is said to have 935,758 followers for the top online retailers placing their advertisements on this site.


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