Yale Art Exhibition Spellbound Attendees

Christina Vere Nicoll, Head Curator organized an exclusive Undergraduate Art Show, collaborating with an online art gallery, Gerson Zevi, at 45 Howe St this Friday Evening. The exclusive artwork display with wall arts from ten students pursuing their undergraduate course was able to attract over 400 students and associated faculty members. The art exhibition attracted diversified spectators.

Believe in People

Believe in People

Source: YaleDailyNews

According to the organizer, Vele Nicoll, the exhibition was aimed to offer a creative platform for student artists who were tired to discard or store their works. The exhibition was an ideal plethora for the young minds to display their talents and also sell them to people who have taste and appreciation for art. The profit from the exhibition would also support the artists in future works.

The exhibition included several themes of artistic works from the students. Oil paint and photography were also a part of the items displayed in the exhibition. Amon contributors to the exhibition were a former student of Yale, seven senior, a junior student and even a sophomore.

Johanna Flato, a participant of the exhibition, used melted grass of plastic along with an iron to create textured interspersed with unmelted grass patches that gave an impression of painting. She even reported to use plastic grass for exploring the paint genre in amanner human beings use land.

The visitors were simple spellbound with the majestic show of artistic skills and creativity of undergraduate students.

Nnamdi Udeh, resident of the region expressed his pleasure to see the number of Yele athletes at the venue. He even appreciated the nature by which the space was transformed by exhibiting the artworks on the walls instead of in any enclosed gallery. He even compared the idea to be an open-eye experience, which was responsible to make the exhibition to be a huge success.

A major studio art of the region, Gaby Bucay also voiced similar views and also added that the huge turnaround at the event effectively showed high spirit of appreciation of the artist community.

Source: YaleDailyNews


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